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Elle's Tribute to 911
"The Men Who Went Up Instead of Coming Down"

Join Elle for a trip through the family tree on both the Welch and Reynolds sides.
It's an exciting journey through time!
Family Pages/Albums
(Please note that these pages were designed for 800 X 600 resolution, and with expanded resolution,
I need to revamp most of them. Sorry for the poor design!)

Douglas Grant Welch
Ellen Anne (Reynolds) Welch
Reynolds/Welch Family Photo Albums
Tim Welch (our nephew as a baby)
Joe Welch (our nephew as a baby)
Dale Welch Family (opens in new window)
Grandma Welch's Grandbabies
Desi & Amber (when they were little)
Welch Cousins at Easter (a few years back!)
Unknown Family (help me identify!)

These photos belong to me and if you are related to me, I freely give you rights to use them for personal use or genealogy pages! If you have family photos you're willing to share, the more the merrier! Contact me at "ellerowley at yahoo dot com" (Please put it together with the symbols ;)
Visit my tour of La Purisima Mission
It is the most restored of the California missions.

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