Please read the following FAQ's
and hopefully I can address some of your difficulties.

It takes forever for your program to come up! What's the deal?

Most of my pages are graphic intensive.   In order to give you a quality experience, the "decorate a tree" rooms have approximately 80 graphics per page.   If you have a slow connection, a slow machine or not enough memory, you may not be able to effectively use my Christmas pages.   I'm sorry for your difficulty, which is why I created Tree #3!.   I have also listed some much simpler "decorate a tree" sites at the bottom of this page.     Try one of them, and you will likely have less difficulty...

In one of the "decorate a tree," "build a nativity," or "build a snowman" pages,   I click on an item, but it doesn't move.   Why not?

If you are having difficulty, keep in mind that we are using java scripts to drag items.   They are sometimes a bit tentative.   My suggestion is to slow down and take your time.   If one item doesn't move...go to another item.   Often I find that if I move another item or two, the original item I couldn't move now moves great!

How come some of the items disappear behind other items?   For example, I put one package in place, and then when I attempt to move a second package in front of it, the second package disappears "behind" the first one!

There are layers on each page.   I have arranged items to overlap each other -- just as under a real tree,   packages pile on top of each other.   This holds true for the Nativity and Snowmen pages as well.

I am SO frustrated!   I try to move one item, but something else moves, and then something else!   I just want to cry.   What's wrong?

These "decorate" rooms are an exercise to be done for fun -- don't rush through them.   My guess is you may be hurrying too much.   Slow down...easy does it!   Try moving a different item...then go back.   Or sometimes,   I just move the annoying item out of the way until I get the item I want!   Then I place the annoying item(s) last.

Does the Nativity Scene move?

Yes it does.   Of course, the difficulty is that the people are very large, and to move the wisemen up to the manger, you have to go through two full screens.   I move the wisemen to the top of my screen, scroll up, then move the wisemen to the top of the screen...until I reach the manger scene. You might want to try our miniature nativity scene!

Do I have to use every item in your "decorate" rooms?

No!   Just use the items you want!   For example, sometimes I don't want to use all the ornaments.   I "click and drag" the items down the page out of the way.

I can't see the whole picture. Is there a way I can change my screen to see everything?

Yes! In Internet Explorer you can push the F11 key to see a larger screen. Just hit F11 again to go back.

How come each time I leave a page, when I go back, all the work I've done to arrange my "decorated" room is gone?

When you "leave" a room (or page)...and then will always reset the room.

I've tried and tried to move the elves....they just don't move! What's wrong?

Only some of the rooms are set up to move the characters, these include all of the "decorate a tree," the "build a snowman," and "nativity" rooms.

Why can't I just take any graphics?   or download the music?   or take the java script?

The graphics, music, and java script are the creations of various artists.   Please visit their links and follow their usage terms.   I have a few original graphics offered for free on my webart page.   Create a link back to me, and you can use them on your personal and/or commercial pages.   However, do not sell them or place them in a catalog, adoption center, collection, etc.

That's my graphic!   Why did you steal it?

I have taken precaution to ensure that I have permission for each graphic I use.   Some of them come from my membership in Art Today and Animation Factory.   I have received written permission for many of them from the original artists, or their site lists that they are free for use on personal and commercial pages.   A few of them are my original graphics.   If, however, you think one of the graphics is your creation, please contact me with information, and I will either replace the graphic, or create a link back to you.   My goal is for fun and entertainment in the Christmas Spirit and Season.

If you have further difficulties not addressed here, please contact the webmaster!
Webmaster Elle