Greetings! I'm Santa's
elf master....
elf-master and I'm here to guide you through a quick tour
of Elfland!
Squeaky sits atop the Northpole keeping a lookout for any unexpected event.   You never know what's going to happen around here!   Last week, one of the younger reindeer came crashing through Elfland during flying practice.

   And last year!...oh my...the abominable snowman decided to pay us a visit...and right at the worst time!   Yes, you're right!   Two days before Christmas!
We get lots of mail everyday from boys and girls just like YOU! They're all writing
Santa or Mrs. Claus.
Piper works really hard reading off the lists of all the GOOD boys and girls! That way Pipster can run and tell the other elves exactly what toys they need to get ready for the good boys and girls!

if you're on the naughty or nice list!

Socko is trying to tell Santa all of the toys that still need to be made so we can be ready in time for Christmas!
Hurry Fuzzy! Dandy has almost run out of red paint for that nifty race car!
Looks like Decker is getting ready to take his model airplane for a test flight... While Lexi, our master carpenter, is carving up a storm!
and Tinker is putting the wheels
on the little red wagon...
door   Hmmm, I hear a conversation!
Why don't you click on the door
& let's step inside and see what's going on!

Silly elves! Bosco is riding the
fire truck...and Blinky is testing out
all the Christmas lights!

Grover's boat is just about ready to sail!
Look at Pixie paint the doll!
      Isn't she beautiful?
Oh my goodness...         
It's like a parade in here!
Puffer is picking up the pace with his drum and cymbals!
  Sprout almost has it wrapped!

Even the elf children help
prepare Santa's toys!
Spinner's working hard on the decorations.
Look at him concentrate!
Click to play "Elf Concentration Game!"
Wow, wonder how Hazy can keep from dropping all those packages?

Watch out!  Whew!   Brill just missed us as he was zooming by in his airplane!

Oh my!  So many packages,
so much to do!
Bracer and Chipper have loaded up some of Santa's Christmas bags...  

Well, that's the end of our tour....Glitter is wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a good time with the elves!   If you haven't had the chance,
why not drop over to Reindeerland?

Oh MY!!!! The elf children seem to have run wild!
Candy and cookies are everywhere! And mice are running rampant!
Help Mrs. Claus bring her kitchen to order!