North Pole Express
Santa Writes!
My dearest Elves… Yes, the Christmas season is upon us! The night of my great ride in the sky approaches once again. There is much to do before that time comes.
   The sleigh must be cleaned and shined; the reindeer brushed until their coats gleam bright; and, of course, multitudes of toys are waiting to be built or sewn then wrapped and tied with bows.   I'll need "all hands on deck" in order to prepare!
   Of course, Christmas is not just about work, but it is about singing and dancing and greeting one another in the spirit of giving and love. If your heart gets heavy or you find yourselves with a short temper, just stop! Have a big mug of cocoa and a hearty round of song.
   Ho!   Ho!  HO!   Merry Christmas!
Santa's making his list!
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Pipster Trips Again!
This morning Pipster tripped just as he was carrying a big can of GREEN PAINT! And then Bosco didn't see it...and he went slipping and sliding all over Santa's workshop! What a sight it was to see! What a mess! It's all cleaned up now and the elves are back at work merrily singing as they make the toys.
Santa Sighting?
On a clear night, Look up at the stars, because Santa just may be out on a trial run with his sleigh... and if you see an especially bright twinkling star that seems like it's moving... Why that will be old Santa Claus!   Yes, that will be Santa in his sleigh!
The Abominable Snowman
It's a frightening event. The abominable snowman escaped from the icicle palace and it is feared that he will be rampaging through the Christmas village -- JUST before Christmas Eve!

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Candy Cane Day
One of the North Pole's great celebrations will be coming in just a very few days. It is CANDY CANE day!
   What is Candy Cane Day?   It's a special day when the elves make all the candy canes given to children on Christmas! The elves gather round as they mix up the sweet, sticky candy and sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas!" so that the candy will have all of their love and magic mixed in! Next to Christmas, it's Santa's favorite day of the year!
   So kids -- the next time you eat one of Santa's red and white candy canes, know that a little elf created it just for YOU!
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