Christmas Poetry


A bright Christmas star
sits high on a tree
shining its light
for the whole world to see

reminding us all
of a night long ago
when a star in the sky
guided wise men below
to a small town stable
where a gift from above
was born on that night
to bring the world love.

The light from the star
shone down on a child
asleep in the manger
so meek and so mild.

Shepherds and wise men
that came to draw near
spread the good news
that the savior is here.

The Christmas tree star
now leads us today
to the birth of a miracle
that first Christmas day.


Tom Krause
Copyright 2006


It's Christmas time again
so where is all of the cheer?
It used to be a happy time
but now I don't feel the happiness
and warmth around me

How come throughout the years
our Christmas spirit has
little by little
started to drain from us

When I was little
I would wake up early to
see what Santa had brought
but now I sleep quietly in my bed
until my parents tell me to wake up

Christmas used to bring happiness and cheer
but now I'm afraid that there is none left
for this Christmas season

It used to be just fun and games
but now all that I hear
Is how hard it will be to buy
Christmas presents this year

So tell me please
where has all of the Christmas spirit gone
and will it ever come back to my family and me?

-- Submitted by: Stephanie Cameron
    There Is An Angel
There is an Angel on top of my Christmas Tree
Sent from heaven to watch over me
From whom it came is no mystery
It's my mother who passed so unexpectedly
I miss you ever so painfully
But I know I will be with you again in eternity
So rest ever so peacefully
And let your angel watch over me
There is an angel on top of my Christmas Tree
-- Contributed by Bryan & LeeAnn
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
shall i retrieve
my stockings hung with care
may i share
my wraped goodies
sharen hoodie
santa claus
shaken paws raeindeers
all a glow this christmas eve
i shall leave with all good hope and bless thee
marry tis i bless thee young and cheery
-- by Jenny dec,20,05
    The Christmas Meaning
Im thinking of the wondorous sounds
As carolers come singing from all around
Im thinking of that special day
When all the family is here to stay
Im thinking of the decorating the fun
The joyus feeling in everyone
Im thinking about the presents, the joy
the happy face on every girl and boy
And when im thinking about all this
Im thinking about what the Christmas meaning really is,
About Christ being born to forgive all our sins.
-- by Ashley Hays
    Joy, Peace & Love
Christmas is a time of joy peace and love.
    Not toys but giving and Jesus' birth.
We must not only think about toys
    but of Jesus and all the wonderful things he gave us.
-- by Brianna Flood
    Age 10

angel     The Reason for the Season
Christmas time again as the years roll by
This year no different than the one before
Holiday cheer does not visit my home
Loneliness instead knocks on my door.

I visit the malls and the air filled with cheer
The scurry and flurry expressed in glee
Hurrying to meet the deadline of Christmas Day
To lay loving gifts at the foot of the tree.

But, then I remembered the reason for the season
The gifts are really symbols of giving
Out of a love birthed many years ago
Which is the ultimate gift for mankind’s living

What can we give the Christ child
Did He not come to give Himself for our lives
Because of Him and His work on the cross
Mankind is reconciled to God and survives.

To honor Him, we must give of ourselves
No pretty paper or fancy tied up bows
Extending love to the many who are hurting
Being there to hear their cries and woes.

There are many in need and want
The stranger without a face or name;
the child hungry searching for food;
those who will never know prosperity or gain.

Giving of oneself to help those in need
This is what should be our goal to achieve
Forgetting our loneliness and self-centered lives
Reaching out to those who mourn and grieve.

-- by Diane Wright

    When I Found Out 'bout Santa Claus
I first found out 'bout Santa Claus when I was six or seven
Still, I held out from letting on 'til long after eleven
But not for fear of getting less, or growing up too fast
And neither to hold on to this enchantment of the past

The memories of Christmases so many years ago
Include much more than parties, gifts, or playing in the snow
Although I knew . . I think, as I recall those years at last
Of something so much more than this enchantment of the past

Confused - I didn't feel a bit, or question other truths
Quite obvious that this was simply merriment of youth
Passed down to each and every generation from the last
In hopes of all enduring this enchantment of the past

The telltale signs, the gifts, the parties, playing in the snow
The Christmas decorations, songs, and faces all aglow
While these remain fond memories, traditionally steadfast
I now held reverently to this enchantment of the past

And so again today I've found 'bout Santa Claus once more
Though oftentimes I reminisce of Christmases before
They haven't changed at all, except the roles have been reversed
Continuing tradition from so many years rehearsed

-- by Timothy Stoll
Topsy Turvy Christmas
It's Christmas time again
The snow is falling down.
Its flakes are made of sugar
And are coloured chocolate brown.
There's snowmen without hats on
Dogs with ten foot tails
And Santa's sleigh with bells on
Is pulled by killer whales.
Christmas trees lean sideways
And monkey's live within.
They swing from branch to branch
And they make an awful din.
Holly is not prickly,
Bells don't make a sound.
Baubles on the Christmas trees
Are triangular, not round.
There's turkey's playing football
Against the three wise men.
They play with rolled-up stuffing
And the referee's a hen.
Cats sing Christmas carols,
Toys all come alive.
Action men have dresses
While Barbie scuba-dives.
There's gravy over puddings
And peas are filled with cream.
In my topsy-turvy Christmas,
My topsy-turvy dream.

-- by Bob Fiddaman
Birmingham, UK

    There Is An Angel
There is an Angel on top of my Christmas Tree
Sent from heaven to watch over me
From whom it came is no mystery
It's my mother who passed so unexpectedly
I miss you ever so painfully
But I know I will be with you again in eternity
So rest ever so peacefully
And let your angel watch over me
There is an angel on top of my Christmas Tree

"A Whisper of Wings"

I remember a time, as a juvenile,
When Christmases incredibly beguiled
And overwhelmed my innocent mind,
When pondering a season I’d thought clearly defined.

The Song of Christmas, as told to me,
By ancestors descended from my family tree,
Was to herald the birth of a Savior of Life
And redeem us from sin and Earthly strife.

But my own thoughts lay solely on Santa Claus,
On family gatherings, early winter thaws,
On glittering lights, and family traditions,
On sumptuous meals, and carol renditions.

I reflected on the joys of the season
That fell within a child’s unknowing reason,
On gifts and stockings, which hung by the fire,
On stories of elves, told before I retired
To a night laced with dreams of peppermint sticks,
Sugar baked cookies, and eggnog, too thick.

Of toys and teddies and the most beautiful dollies,
All nestled around a tree decorated with holly;
Of cousins and aunts and seldom-seen kin,
Who found their way home for Christmas again.

Of a winter veiled in a snow’s first light,
And the cinnamon scent from a candle’s light.
I thought only of my own youthful allusions,
Of a fairytale Christmas borne in childlike delusion.

Until late one wintery Christmas eve,
As I raised my prayers in sweet relief,
An angelic voice of spiritual light
Drifted down to me to heed my plight.

“Fear not, little one,” she spoke to me,
“For I have come to enlighten thee;
To give you pause for a moment’s reflection
And steer your thoughts in a worthy direction.
For Christmas is not just about presents and toys
For those we consider good girls and boys.”

“It’s a time of remembrance of a most noble birth
For the Son of God who reigned here on Earth,
Who shouldered your sins, as though all His own,
Until such a time when you’re suitably grown,
So you could live freely to explore your own dreams
And discover the right from the wrong of your means.”

And, as the whisper of wings fluttered there in the dark,
I sensed my companion’s brisk need to depart
To a heavenly paradise I chose to believe
Where this Voice of Love had once been conceived.

So, I altered my prayers from that sacred night on,
As a consequence of that celestial song,
And I begged for forgiveness of failings of mine
From the most Supreme Being existing in time.

And I prayed not for gifts or treasures of gold,
But for the wisdom of Heart, about which I’d been told,
And for a way I might share this Divine Intervention
With all who might need some well-meaning intention.

So, I say to you now at this time of the year,
To hold fast in your heart that which you feel dear,
And find in yourself that brief spark of Light,
that brings you His love on this Holiest of nights…

Wishing you a Blissful Christmas!
--By B. J. Pearce
(for my family)
Copyright 2005

Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Is A Happy Day
Christmas is a happy day
It's time for all the kids to say,
"Presents, presents! We want more!
We want presents of 104!"
Toys, clothes, electronics, too.
All these things are just for you.
Santa Claus is coming
He's coming to see you
There are lots of gifts he brought just for you
Rudolph, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen
Those are the reindeers of Christmas season
There are more reindeers, but I can't think of their names.
But they give us Santa and we give them fame!

-- by Ida
    A Ride in Santa's Sleigh
Darkness falls over the city
As the houses are framed in light
And I recall when as a child
I eagerly waited for the dawn

Now as the stillness settles on
The wishes of the holiday
What I would like the most this year
Is to ride in Santa's sleigh

Floating on the lingering trace
Of carols sung by a fervent choir
The runners glide to a graceful stop
And the driver signals me to come

Perhaps he'd let me take the reins
Don't worry for Rudolph knows the way
What I would like the most this year
Is to ride in Santa's sleigh

Soaring high over the roof tops
To see the this world from above
Then to the task before returning
Silently so that no one would know

Never mind a spaceship ride
Around the earth or the Milky Way
What I would like most this year
Is to ride in Santa's sleigh

A farewell pat for each reindeer
And a cheery embrace before
Santa waves as he departs
To complete the journey that remains

For just the chance to help bring
Joy to everyone along the way
What I would like most this year
Is to ride in Santa's sleigh

-- by Kennan Zishka
    Visions Past
The Christmas tree was real
That heavy tinsel, special feel

So many lights, in sparkling view
Glass ornaments, hung neatly too

An angel perched, atop it all
Seen Shining down, it did not fall

The tree was watered in its stand
It’s special smell, came on so grand

Nativity, was always perched
In middle window, all would search

Side windows dressed with candlelight
I ‘d check the view, from sidewalk sight

All was right, this child felt sure
A special time, lived in his door

I thank you God, for visions past
Which come alive, to hold and grasp

-- ©2000 Roger J. Robicheau

    Oh Little Child
Oh Little child so near the tree
The precious view you clearly see

Adorned in white, a glistened sight
A chilling warmth, it’s nearly night

Excitement grows within each eye
A splendid match, so bright yet shy

You make each wish, each secret part
A ray with God, so fills your heart

Your wants are small, unselfish child
Not to be wrapped, branded or styled

A world of hope, filled full of peace
A caring call, let love increase

Next year this child so wants to be
Back out to watch, this growing tree

What of our wants as time goes by
Will hope and peace and love climb high

-- ©2001Roger J. Robicheau

       A Christmas Mouse
A little mouse crept slowly up to the Christmas tree.
He thought that he would borrow an ornament or three.
The cat was found there snoozing, he was really quite asleep.
And so the mouse quietly tip toed, he didn’t make a peep.

mouse at He peeked from behind the davenport, he was in the clear.
The cat yawned and stretched just then it filled him with such fear.
But soon the sleepy cat settled back into his nap
And the little mouse avoided a cat and mouse mishap.

The mouse climbed up the tree trunk, he smelled the fresh cut pine.
He broke off just a bit of branch, "This Christmas branch is mine!"
He took a golden Christmas bell and tied it like a hat
Then scurried down the Christmas tree and past the sleeping cat.

He set the branch into a spool and it became his tree.
Decked his halls with the golden bell; it filled his heart with glee.
Then bravely cross the room again to fetch a candy cane
He hurried to the lit up tree into the cat's domain.

There on the highest branch he saw a red and white stripped glint.
Happily he grabbed a hold of the yummy peppermint.
But just then he lost his balance and he fell head over heels
Tumbling thru tinsel and lights, crying out in mousey squeals.

The cat woke up and looked about, he looked around the house.
He looked beside the Christmas tree but didn't see the mouse.
It took just a few more minutes for the cat to nestle in
And the mouse took up his candy and snuck past him with a grin.

He couldn't have predicted, there was nothing to foresee
How could the mouse have known he was allergic to the tree?
Half way across the room the mouse could feel a little tease
Just the very beginning of a little mousey sneeze.

Ah ah ah...the mouse stood still there clutching his candy cane.
Ah ah sneeze a sneeze right now would just be so insane!
Ah ah ah...he couldn't help it...Ah ah ah ah ah ah chooooo!
And with that, the cat woke up and said, "Merry Christmas! God bless you!"

--Written by Mary Ellen Smith

       Under the Mistletoe
Kiss me at midnight under the mistletoe,
while all the worlds asleep.
Kiss me at midnight, under the mistletoe
while our Love is running deep.

Tell no one of this dalliance
for this is a secret to keep.
Just let passion run high,
Our souls race to the sky.
and with joy our hearts shall sleep.

Kiss me at midnight under the mistletoe,
as night turns into day.
Yes kiss me under the mistletoe,
Then in peaceful sleep We'll lay.

--Written by Gail Odle

      A Birthday Affair
Dawn came early that winter's day,
As Christmas dawns do, for children anyway.
Rubbing weary eyes, jumping out of bed,
Clearing out cobwebs from sleepy little heads.

Waking up their parents from a warm winter's sleep,
Looking out in the yard, fresh snow… a foot deep.
All the little children of our little town
Were up and about, all running around.

Then down with a shout and a giggle of glee,
To the hearth, and stockings, and the big Christmas tree.
But all of a sudden they stopped with a stare,
For it looked as if Santa had never been there.

The tree was still bright with lights like before,
But there were no toys or presents on the old wooden floor.
The children were quiet, some started to cry,
They all were confused, their tears asking "Why?"

The parents told the children there was nothing to do,
There were no Christmas presents, but why? No one knew.
So they all had their breakfasts but none ate a lot,
Then all left for church at ten on the dot.

When they got to the church, the pastor seemed bright,
But he sensed right away that things weren't just right.
After all had been told his arms opened wide,
And he hugged one and all as he walked them inside.

His sermon that day was special for sure,
And as for the doldrums, it seemed the best cure.
He reminded them then the reason they were there,
And he told them that Christmas was A BIRTHDAY AFFAIR.

He told them that birthdays were times of great joy,
When we give our friends gifts like clothing or toys.
He told them that Christ was today's birthday boy,
And that them being there would bring him great joy.
He told them the story of the first Christmas night,
Of Mary and Joseph and a star very bright.
He told them to be happy, to sing! To enjoy!
He told them that Christmas was much more than just toys.

The parents just listened, and the children did too,
And began to understand, and to feel better too.
And a Christmas without toys was really not bad,
Especially when they realized all the things that they had.

So they finished the service, and jumped in the car,
And rode home to have the best Christmas by far.
And when they got home Christmas was complete,
For Santa had been there, on their very street.

To all he left presents, and smiles broad and wide,
And a little white envelope, with a message inside.
Then papa and mama and the kids gathered 'round,
And while papa read the note there was no other sound.

Santa And it said:

Merry Christmas! (though just a little late)
I'm sorry for this time that I made you all wait.
I wanted you to think on this very special date,
Of the Christ-child whose birthday we all celebrate.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday too!
-Love, Santa

The families went back to their presents and such,
But somewhat more slowly, they enjoyed it so much.
And Christmas was special that year so they say,
And that's how it's remembered to this very day!`

--Written by: Edward J. Igoe       
Copyright 2004       
     Christmas and the Reason for the Season
Christmas as a child was Santa Claus and toys,
Trying to stay awake late to hear if Santa would make noise.

Where I lived then, winter time could bring lots of snow,
It would cover the ground in a blanket of white
and that’s when I’d know;
Christmas time would soon be here,
then we would have toy’s, fun and cheer.

I went to church with my Grandmother when I was very young,
That is when church experience for me first begun.

Star I learned more about the meaning of Christmas
and how the baby Jesus was born on that day,
There was no room for them in the inn and all they
could find for Him was a manger and some hay.

As I grew up and later I learned that He was
the real reason for the season,
But in all the Bible stories I read where did
Santa come into what I was believing?

The giving of gifts came from all those
traveling to see the newborn King from afar,
The Wise Men and others all found their way by
following that one bright shining star.

The real reason for Christmas is to remember
it was on that day that Jesus was born,
But you can also share gifts with
those you love on that blessed morn‘.

So, in your mind and heart and having the freedom
to believe in what you want to believe in,
What is your true Reason for the Season?

    --Written by: Marie Sartain
December 2003

      Babe is Born
Babe is born on this special day,
lying peacefully in soft warm hay.
To what do we owe this special child,
born of Mary meek, and mild.
We owe our own lives,
because for us he did thrive.
So celebrate christmas one miracle at a time,
because you never know when they'll be a miracle born in a rhyme.

    --(submitted by Mercedes)
The Gimme, Gotme, Guilties
At Christmas I get the gimmes,
After the holidays I got the gotmes,
Then I get the guilties
To think everyone spent so much money on me
And I didn't get gifts for anybody.

    --Submitted by Elisabeth C. Age 14
    Child in the Manger
Child in the manger,
Holy you are.
Ruler at birth,
Introduced by a star
Savior of earth;
Timeless,your love;
Mercy,your tidings,
Announced from above.
Son of God abiding

    The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree,
is special to me.
When I look at it with its shining lights,
it warms up those cold winter nights!

The Christmas Tree,
is special to me.
This is true each year hear,
because Santa comes every year!

    --Submitted by Rebecca
Christmas Tree

Call On Him
Sometimes I just close my eyes,
And let my mind go back in time.
Reminiscing about how things used to be,
Precious memories assailing me.
Christmas music filled the air,
The feeling of excitement was everywhere.
Lying in bed on Christmas Eve,
It was bells that I heard as I tried to believe.
Magical is the only word to describe,
The feeling I felt when I opened my eyes.
The flash of the camera, the twinkle of lights,
And presents galore were filling my sight.
The smell of Momma's cookin' tempted my nose,
As I hurried to get ready so that we could go.
We had family to see, and not just a few,
A family I loved, which included you.
Now that I'm grown, some things are the same,
My love for you will never change.
I still love to celebrate the birth of my Lord,
And being with you makes it special even more.
Such a feeling it is to know why Jesus came,
My prayer for you is that you feel the same.
Blessed peace He has given me, when I needed it most,
He is my Savior, I want to joyfully boast.
I want to share Him with you this holiday season,
He's faithful and true; Someone you can believe in.
He hears my cries and answers my prayers,
He died on the cross because He cares.
He cares about you and all of your needs,
Just call on Him, believe, and receive.
I can't wait to make some new memories with you,
For it's having a family like ours that helps pull me through.
Spending Christmas with you is where I want to be,
Thank you so much for being a special part of me.
I love you!
                            -- By Kandis Howard

“Is there a purpose? Why are we here?”
A little boy asked as the yuletide drew near.
“I really do hope that someday I will know
the reason we have to stand here in the snow
ringing this bell as people walk by
while thousands of snowflakes
 fall from the sky.”

 The mother just smiled at her shivering son
who would rather be playing and having some fun
but soon would find out before the evening was done
the meaning of Christmas  the very first one
God’s gift to the world
His very own Son.

The young boy exclaimed, “Mother where does it go?”
“All the pennies we collect - every year in the snow.”
“They go to help others who can’t help themselves,”
she said, “children and their loved ones who have nothing else.”
“But why do we do it? Why do we care?”
“We worked for these pennies
why should we share?”

“Because once a little baby  so meek and so mild
was born in a manger  so humble the child
the son of a King who could have had anything
was born in this way
so the world could have the gift he would bring.”

“You see the present that God gave to the world on that night,
was the gift of his son to help make things alright.
Why did he do it? Why did he care?
To teach us of love
 and how we should share.”

“The meaning of Christmas, you see my dear son,
is not about presents or just having fun
but the gift of a father - his own precious Son
so the world would be saved
 when his work was all done”

Now the little boy smiled  with a tear in his eye
 as snowflakes kept falling from out of the sky -
rang louder the bell as the people walked by
while down deep in his heart 
now knowing why.

Tom Krause
Copyright 2003

Being so young it is hard to believe I am with child
This will be a very special birth as I have not known any man
I was touched by the hand of God, some people think I'm wild
I know my future is in God's hands.

Some people here want to throw stones at me
But they are not God what gives them the right to judge?
Something that is holy and from up above,see
They have no idea of what I indulged.

Harrod sent out a proclomation all should be taxed
We have to travel to Bethlehem as I am about to have my son
So far we have to travel to register for the tax
Treaveling there won't be any fun.

I think I am in labor and we have traveled so far
No room in the inns they say
So we take a stable with wooden sides and a roof of tar
I give birth to a son to my dismay.

Shepards and kings kneel to my son, a king
They all know the prophecy has come true
Listen! I even hear the angels sing
Knowing my son, the messiah, will make all men to God be true.

    -- Submitted by Mary Kellis aka Lanaia Lee

Sugar Plums
yum yum
suger plums!
purple with a bit or frost
come in christmas
good good
comes in handy when were lost
in our minds
ha ha
sant clause
gets a big
round of applause
yum yum
suger plums
good good

Submitted by Michael

The Christmas Tree
Putting up the ornaments is not the only task,
The light are important and so is the star,
Decorating all around,
Fast, fast, fast!
My favorite part is the star,
Which makes a brightly glow.
My mom is the star,
As you know,
So watch her brilliant show.
Time goes by fast,
The evenings get shorter,
Christmas Eve is here,
That means St. Nicholas in near!

    Submitted by by:Sarah age: 8
C arols we sing
Harmony we live in
Ripping the gifts open
Instead of nothing get a gift
Santa's naughty or nice list
Thanks for the gifts
Merry christmas
Aspecially christmas carols
Sis for....... a silent night after



Christmas brings us joys,
And also lots of toys.

We all should know though,
That Christmas also brings snow,
And the big old man that goes ho ho ho.

But we have forgotten about a birthday,
That happened on this very day.

It was not an ordinary day,
But a strange one.

For the shepards in the fields looked up and yielded,
To the sight of an angel flight,
singing in a glorious sight.

After this incident,
The shepards saw a star,
Shining from afar.

It was so bright,
That they could have discribed it as a great big kite.

So they followed this star,
Till they came upon a little stable,
That seemed to have a ring of light,
Shining from the star that was oh so bright.

They went inside,
And found a babe,
Whose name they thought was definitely not a shame.

The name was Jesus Christ.
    -- Submitted by Kimberly M. Age 14

Dear Mother Tell Me
Dear Mother tell me
Do Santa and his reindeer fly magically?
Up in the sky! -- How do they stay?
With weight of presents plus sleigh?
Oh how do they fly so easily
Above land across sea
How do they stay up there?
Way up in the air
Dear Mother, tell me
Does 'ol Santa fly magically?

Dear Mother, tell me
How does Santa come down the chimney?
He's so big, I wouldn't think he'd fit
Why, Christmas would come, and there he'd sit!
We could try to pull him out by his shoes
But he might be torn into two
Dear Mother, tell me
How on earth does Santa come down the chimney?

    Submitted by Elisabeth C. Age 14
    ABC Christmas
A is for Angel on top of the tree
B is for Baby asleep on the hay
C is for Candy Canes to stir my hot cocoa
D is for Dreams on a soft pillow
E is for Eggnog my mom won’t let me drink
F is for Family far, far away
G is for Gingerbread house so pretty to make
H is for Hope of a new treasured toy
I is for Icicle lights on everyone’s house
J is for Jingle bells tied on my shoes
K is for the Kitchen that always smells great
L is for List of the gifts that I need
M is for Money to spend on a friend
N is for Nose that runs in the cold
O is for the Only thought of you on my mind
P is for Post Office I’m so thankful for
Q is for the Quest to find the right gift
R is for Roses in bloom in December
S is for the Sleigh that drives us through town
T is for Token of my love for you
U is for Unwanted junk that we buy
V is for Village as small as can be
W is for Wings, when a bell rings
X is for Xmas a short way to spell Christmas
Y is for Yawns cause it’s getting late
Z is for the Zzz’s we don’t get on Christmas Eve
    -- Submitted by The Mama Nov 2000

This Time Of Year
This time of year, among the cut and thrust
Of holiday throngs, too worn to know why they are there,
And red and green, and mounting bills from gifts for those
we scarcely can afford...
and the shout and call of those on every side who would beckon us to
              come and buy...
if we stop to pause, our jaded eyes would see
a marvel and a mystery, surpassing all the rest,
quiet, now, God comes to dwell in human flesh.
Only a few, now, see him; revealed to shepherds,
heralded by angels, worshipped by magi,
born to virgin mother of low birth; but
In that stable in Bethlehem was born the hope of the world.
Only a few, now, too, can see Him; but those to whose eyes
              He's been revealed,
Know life, and light, and joy, and peace, because the child of Bethlehem,
Became a man, and died, that we might know forgiveness of our sins,
and peace with God, and life eternal when this has passed and gone.
And so God comes to dwell with humankind, a babe;
And to those whose hearts have opened to receive Him comes He now
and dwells with us, in peace and joy all seasons of the year.
To those who will receive can come the greatest Gift of all,
a gift that cost the Giver everything: born to die that we might live,
Humbled to become a man that we might be brought back to God.
And so, this season, unsung by bustling crowds and lights and song,
Marvel of marvels: quiet, now, God comes to dwell in human hearts.

    Submitted by Susanna C.
    (Student at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College)


The Wooden Christmas Toy

The Christmas
Wooden toy wouldn't
stop clicking curiously the
little boy looked under the Christmas
tree and saw the wooden toy winking. He
grabbed it and kissed it. They walked together
to the back porch click clack clicking, click clack clicking
to watch the snow fall on the small village. They saw the
snowman and heard Christmas bells ringing. So, they danced
with the snowman at the sound of jingle bells ringing and the tune of
the click clack clicking, click, clack, clicking! Later they returned to the
house singing. The little boy kissed and hugged the wooden toy who walked
under the Christmas tree winking at the merry sound of jingle bells ringing and
the tune of the
click clack

    By Victor Rosario

Christmas abc
a is for angels in my dreams
b is for baby you baby sister are baby sister is going to be happy
c is for candycans what we like to eat
d is dreams its so nice to have nice dreams
e is elfs makeing lots a toy for good girls and boys
f is for a family that you love
g is for going away
h is for house my house has lot uv lights
i is i was good
j is for jack in the box a toy you might want
k is for a kitten for a present i might really love to have
l is for listes uv gifts uv evrybody might want
m is for me and my mom
n is for a very cold nose
o if im the only who did not get a present
p is for present that i thaink all get
q is for quest to get the right gift for you cuase i love you
R is for roses i might get you for xmas
s is for slegih that i want for xmas
t i for token to buy you something
u i for unwanted i dont need a present
v i for a very small village but we all love eachother
w is for wings that angels have
x is for xmas a short way to spell christmas
y is for im yawning i need to go to sleep
z is for zzzzzzs becuase were tiered

    Submitted by kayla dawn

Snow Boy
  The Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the night,
The children were sleeping,
But Santa was out of sight.

The stockings were hung,
All in a row,
The biggest to the smallest,
And the last one had a bow.

A little red dot,
Was up in the sky,
So i was hoping that Santa,
Would come and fly by.

I was sleeping,
All cozy in bed,
Then I heard a strange nosie,
So I thought it was the man in red.

I crept downstairs,
Quiet as can be,
The person I saw,
Filled my heart with glee.

He filled the tree,
With presents and toys,
For when the children wake up,
Their hearts will be filled with pleasent joys.

He was in a hurry,
I could see,
But he still had time,
To drink the milk and cookies from me.

When he left,
He left in a flash,
So I was a little worried,
That he might crash.

The sleigh was filled,
Front to back,
With presents and toys,
All in one big sack.

When I awake,
The next day,
I know what I will see,
Presents and toys for my family and me.

Submitted by mittelstadt7@r...