Ah, you found us! As you can see, you've arrived at the Reindeer Stables. Looks like a number of our reindeer have stuck their heads out their stalls to say hello! Why don't you reach over and pat one of their heads?
Out here in the pasture, some of the reindeer are stretching their legs. Do you see Comet over on our left?
Dancer's really getting a
workout today!

Oh, how sweet! Looks like Cupid
is trying to court Brighteyes
She's the newest reindeer
to join Santa's reindeer team!
Oh my, Rudolph isn't here! I see he left us a special message though. Click on the button to see what Rudolph had to say!"

  Little Pipster the elf stopped by to
feed the reindeer!
That must be Comet Jr!
He's just starting reindeer school.
Clarice is nodding goodbye....she says if we run,
we might just catch a glance of Santa taking
his sleigh up for a last minute test run! Let's hurry!

Oh!!!! There he is!!!
Bye Santa! Have a great test ride!


Well, we've come to the end of our visit here with the Reindeer. Hope you've had a good time! If you haven't had a chance, why not drop over to Elfland?