Stolen Web Pages

Every one of my pages on this site has been created by me through hundreds of hours of hard work. I didn't go to school to learn; I read books to learn how to write the code for the html on every page. All of the graphics have been utilized with written permission of the artists, or created by myself. For the past two years I have been disabled and unable to work, and rather than wallow in misery, I have chosen to challenge myself to create something for not only myself, but other people.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that success comes from hard work, but some people feel that anything on the internet is free for the taking. I have had five different people steal my work (well, that is all that I have found so far!)    Not only did they steal a graphic or two, but indeed stole whole pages of my work!    Therefore, so people will realize who the true author is... and in consideration of the many artists who have contributed to my pages...and who I have given links in return consideration...I am listing any sites which are filled with my stolen work.

Elle Rowley

Stolen Pages

Six sites have now removed my work. I truly appreciate it. I hope that people learn that there is a net etiquette and that although there are lots of "free" things on the net, there are a few requirements even with those.

#1 Make sure it is offered free.
#2 provide a link back to the person who has so kindly given you something.
#3 Do not link directly to someone's image.
#4 Create your own design. Do not directly copy anyone's page!

Thank you to the six sites who have removed my work!