Amzira Reynolds
Amzira Reynolds

Lonzo Reynolds

Nancy Ellen Freeman

Amzira Reynolds

Born:    21 Mar 1902   Bedford County, Tennessee
Died:    27 Dec 1950   Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

Spouse:   Pearl Dimple Johnson   b. 7 Feb 1902   d. 10 May 1994
Married:   29 July 1923

Date is not confirmed; however, believed to be correct -- Most likely in Macon County, Tennessee.

  Henry Johnson Reynolds
  -- 2 daughters / Henry Jay Reynolds
  Mary Alda Reynolds
  -- 4 sons / 2 daughters
  Ellen Anne Reynolds
  -- 4 sons / 2 daughters

A brief history of Amzira Reynolds

Amzira Reynolds was born March 21, 1902 to Nancy Ellen (Freeman) and Lonzo Reynolds in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Amzira was an only child and grew up with his parents who were storekeepers in Shelbyville. He was an intelligent child who learned quickly and who advanced in his studies.

As a career, Amzira became a school teacher. He either attended or was an instructor at the prestigious prep school in Shelbyville, Tate School.

In 1923 Amzira married Pearl Dimple Johnson from Macon County, Tennessee. They made their early family life in Shelbyville where Pearl gave birth to three children. Henry Johnson Reynolds was their eldest, born in 1924, followed by Mary Alda who was born in 1928. Their youngest daughter Ellen Anne was born in 1931.

Although Amzira liked teaching, his health was not good, and when he started coughing up blood, the doctors informed him that he must change occupations where he could work in the outdoors so that the fresh air and sunshine could heal his body. Amzira briefly worked in law enforcement in Shelbyville, but then turned his interests to construction.

California: During WWII, Amzira and Pearl Reynolds moved their family to California where construction work was plentiful, but soon missed their family and returned to Shelbyville, Tennessee. However, they had gotten the California fever, and returned again just after the War, with their daughters (Mary) Alda and (Ellen) Anne voraciously singing all the way, "California, here I come, right back where I started from!" California was where the Reynolds family would remain.

Amzira utilized his superior math skills in his construction work and soon moved up into foreman where he built the first four-way overpass in Los Angeles. Ever industrious, Amzira went where the work took him, and briefly spent time in Las Vegas in 1950. In early Fall 1950, Amzira began suffering with strange sensations and difficulties, writing to Pearl of his worries about his health. He returned to their home in Long Beach to be with his family.

Amzira suffered a terrible aneurysm just before Christmas in 1950 and passed away on December 27 in Long Beach, California at the age of 48.

Amzira is buried at Sunnyside Memorial Park in Long Beach, California.

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4- California Death Index:
Name: Amzira Reynolds
Social Security #: 414011941
Birth Date: 21 Mar 1902
Birthplace: Tennessee
Death Date: 27 Dec 1950
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Freeman