A Family History

It has been my delight to be the recipient of the labor of love of genealogical research by my Aunt Nellie (Welch) Fry and my father Douglas Welch. My effort has been to preserve their hard work, and in turn to leave a legacy for my children.

My approach to genealogy has been to throw as wide a net as I could possibly throw... and hopefully, it would pay off in the development of connections that would help pull together tantalizing clues. If you are interested in that extensive work, it is available on ancestry.com and is a public file. (Unfortunately, ancestry.com is a subscription service, but they almost always have a free two-week trial membership.) On this website, I will present an uncluttered family tree that will then be broken into the various branches. Because it was hand-developed, rather than software generated, it may not have some of the bells and whistles found on fancier websites, but I hope that it offers my immediate and extended family.... and distant family...a glimpse into their past.

If you are aware of errors in my research, PLEASE contact me! Although I believe my data to be good, it is not infallible. I have done my best... but it does not mean that it is perfect. If pressed, I would say my data to be the strongest from 1850 forward. Beginning with the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, families were broken down into individual members. (Previously, the head of household was listed with a tally for certain age groups within the family.) With the advent of the 1850 census, it made it much easier to be assured that you were actually dealing with the correct family... and to track them through various moves throughout the country. If you have information that would enhance what I already possess, I would be thrilled to hear from you. If you're family (no matter how distant), it would be my delight to correspond. I have had the good fortune to meet cousins from around the country... some of them quite distant!

I have attempted to preserve the privacy of those family members still living... and thus, their information has not been shared. If you are family, write and I may be able to share more current details with you. My starting point for my family tree is my mother -- Ellen Anne Reynolds -- and her family of Johnsons and Reynolds. It is a work of love... but a LONG way from done!   (Note: Please look for links to children that are not in the direct line.)

     Ellen Anne (Welch) Rowley