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Absalom Green Reynolds

Kizziah Ann Goolsby
Children of Absalom Green and Kizziah Reynolds
[Research Note: The Reynolds family often went by the alternate spelling of "Runnels" and thus much of the data collected is under "Runnels."]

William James Reynolds (18461923)

William James was born 9 Feb 1846 in Moore, Lincoln County, Tennessee In the 1860 census, James is listed as living with his parents in District 15 in Franklin County, Tennessee. [Researcher Note: I could not find James in the 1870 census; however, his parents were living in Lynnville, Graves County, Kentucky, and it may be that William followed them. In the 1880 census he was listed as living in District 5/6 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. In the 1900 census he had moved to Civil District 17 in Williamson County, Tennessee, and in the 1910 census he was living in Civil District 19 there. In the 1920 census he was cited in Civil District 18 in Williamson County. William passed away 20 Jul 1923 in Nolensville, Williamson, Tennessee and is assumed to be buried in Williamson County. (Wife and kids?)

Nancy J Reynolds (1849)

Nancy J was born about 1849 in Franklin County, Tennessee. She married Leander Lee Brown who was born about 1845 in Tennessee to Martha (unknown) and Dempsey Brown. The children of Nancy and Leander included:

Monroe Brown was born about 1868 in Tennessee

Dona F Brown was born about 1870 in Kentucky. She married William L C Rutledge. William was born in 1861 in Lincoln, Tennessee to Rachel (Thompson) and Henry Clay Rutledge. Their children included:
  • Will -- [No other information is known]
  • George Franklin Rutledge who was born 3 Feb 1891 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. George died on 18 Jun 1918 in France during WWI
  • Elbert who was born 15 Jul 1893 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Elbert died 16 Sep 1915.
Dona's husband William died in 1929 in Franklin County, Tennessee; however, Dona passed away many years later on 23 May 1950 in Tennessee.

Martha Jane Brown was born 28 Oct 1973 in Tennessee. She died 5 Jan 1947 in Tennessee.

James Calvin Brown was born 8 Mar 1874 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He married Mattie Lee Burgess who was born October 1875. Mattie died in 1946, while James passed away in 1948.
Nancy is listed in the 1850 census in District 6 Franklin County, Tennessee. In the 1860 census she is in District 15 in Franklin County. In the 1880 census, she is listed in District 5 of Lincoln County, Tennessee. In the 1910 census, Nancy is found in Civil District 22 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Nancy's husband Leander died in 1878 in Tennessee; however, it is unknown when Nancy died.

Martha E Reynolds (1851) Reynolds

Martha Elizabeth Reynolds was born about 1851 in Franklin County, Tennessee. She married Robert H Vance who was born 28 Aug 1856 in Calloway County, Kentucky to Parmelia (Cunningham) and Archilaus Vance. They had at least one child: George Vance (born about 1880 in Tennessee). It is assumed that Robert died about 1880 because he is not listed with his family. Elizabeth and baby George are living with her father Absalom Green Reynolds in District 5/6 in Lincoln, Tennessee.

Amzira Anthony Reynolds (18531918)

Absalom Green Reynolds (also known as Runnels) was born on the 30th of October 1823 in Coffee County, Tennessee to Jane M Cawthorn and James B Reynolds.
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John P Reynolds (1856) Reynolds

John P Reynolds were born about 1856 in Tennessee. He first married Melsena Keyes, but there are no known children and it is unknown when Melsena died. John then married his second wife, Dora (unknown). John and Dora's children included:

  • Maud L Reynolds was born about 1906 in Oklahoma.
  • David F Reynolds was born about 1909 in Oklahoma.
  • Jennie May Reynolds was born about 1911 in Oklahoma.
  • Bruce Reynolds -- [This son is very speculative.]
John P is listed in the 1860 census in District 15, Franklin County, Tennessee. He is listed in the 1870 census in Lynville, Graves County, Kentucky, and then in the 1880 census in Precinct 7 Lamar, Texas. In the 1900 census, John is cited in Bridgeport Town, Wise County, Texas. By 1910 John had moved to Oklahoma and thus is found in the Kiawa, Harper County, Oklahoma census, and then in 1920 he had relocated again and was found in the Cherokee, Benton County, Arkansas census. It is unknown when he and Dora died or where they are buried.

Samuel Reynolds (1859) Reynolds

Samuel was born about 1859 in Tennessee. [There is no other information known about Samuel.]

Thomas Benton Reynolds (18621935) Reynolds

Thomas Benton Reynolds was born about 1862 in Tennessee. He married Josephine Winters who was born about 1867 in Tennessee to E. Ailsey (Mobley) and Edward Winters. Thomas and Josephine's children included:

  • Charles Reynolds was born about 1885 in Tennessee.
  • Edgar Reynolds was born about 1886 in Tennessee.
  • Susan Reynolds was born about 1891 in Tennessee.
  • Marcie Reynolds was born about 1893 in Tennessee.
  • Frank Reynolds was born about 1903 in Tennessee.
In 1880 Thomas is cited in District 5 and 6 of Lincoln County, Tennessee. In the 1900, 1920 and 1930 censuses, Thomas was found in District 11 of Lawrence County, Tennessee. Thomas passed away 17 Jun 1935 in Henryville, Lawrence County, Tennessee and is assumed to be buried there. It is unknown when Josephine died. [Researcher Note: Josephine's mother, E. Ailsey Mobley married Josephine's father-in-law, Absalom Green Reynolds on 21 September 1881, following the death of both of their first spouses.]

Louella Reynolds (1867)

Louella was born about 1867 in Tennessee. [No further information is known about Louella.]

David Felix Reynolds (18681948)

David Felix was born 23 Jul 1868 in Tennessee. David married Martha Anne Reavis Martha was born 1 Mar 1882 in Tennessee to Virginia Elizabeth (Hamblin) and John Wesley Reavis. Their children included:

John G Reynolds was born in 1901 in Hunt County, Texas and died in 1936 in Texas.

Ethel Reynolds was born about 1901 in Texas.

George Albert Reynolds was born 26 Oct 1903 in Hunt County, Texas. He married Verna Mae Sanders who was born 22 Dec 1909 to Jessie (unknown) and William Sanders. Together George and Verna had at least one daughter and four sons [all presumed to be living at this time]. George died Apr 1979 in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA. Verna Mae died 12 Sep 2001 in Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas.

Beatrice Pearl Reynolds was born 9 Sep 1906 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas. She married Flay Tonia Myrick. Flay Tonia was born 7 Jul 1909 in Point, Hunt County, Texas to Laura Etta (Warren) and Murray Melton Myrick. [It is unknown if Beatrice and Flay had children.] In the 1910 census, Beatrice is listed as living in Kiawa, Harper County, Oklahoma. In the 1920 census, she is listed as living in Justice Precinct 2 in Hunt County, Texas. Flay died on 21 Feb 1991 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas. Beatrice passed away on 10 Feb 2006 in Wolfe City, Hunt, Texas.

David died 14 Jun 1948 in Hunt County. Martha died 14 Jan 1951 in Hunt County, Texas. Both David and Martha are buried in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas,

[Researcher note: David's father-in-law, John Wesley Reavis, was a son of David Jasper Reavis and Clarasa Ann Brown.]

Rufus Reynolds (1869)

Rufus Reynolds was born about 1869 in Tennessee. [No other information about Rufus is known.]

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