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A brief history of Frank George Welch

Frank George Welch was born 29 Jul 1927 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas to Ethel Marie (Johnson) and Alonzo Frank Welch, who was to become the eldest of six children.

By the 1930 census, Ethel and Alonzo had moved their family to the Welch ranch outside of Carrizo in Baca County, Colorado.

As a young man, Frank fell in love with a young lady named Joyce; however, World War II was raging, and Frank joined the Merchant Marines. Joyce would marry another man, John Steely.

Frank and Joyce Welch

Frank married three times, and was blessed with three children from those marriages. But finally, in the end, Frank met up again with his "Joyce" Mae Steely. (Her husband, John Steely passed away May 6, 1987.)

Frank and Joyce rekindled their romance, and they were married on the 9th of June 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Joyce May Wallace was born 2 May 1930 in Pryor, Mayes County, Oklahoma to Nora Lee (Hartley) and Moses B Chuculate.)

Frank passed away 1 Nov 1994 in Modesto, Stanislaus, California. Joyce died 30 Aug 2006 in Modesto, Stanislaus, California.

[Researcher Note: My father Douglas Welch loved his cousin Frank dearly. Frank was a little over six months older than Douglas and had a bigger build. Both Frank and Douglas' fathers were so proud to finally have their sons that they liked to test their children's mettle against each other.

Doug's father Dick would say to him before an expected meeting, "Well, Sandy, you know that Frank is after you. He's been saying you're just a scrawny kid that doesn't know how to fight, and Frank's just waiting to jump on you and get the best of you." On the other side, Lon would be pumping up Frank saying something like, "You watch out for that Douglas. He's been bragging how he's a better fighter than you are and Doug's planning to jump you when you're least expecting it!"

When the two boys got together, they would be scrapping and rolling in the field while they tried to make each of their father's proud of them. Sometimes the end result would be not only Douglas and Frank wrestling to see who was tougher, but their father's Dick and Lon would end up in a free-for-all fisticuffs between them!]


            by Nellie Fry 11/4/94

He was just a small boy with a great big plan
of what he would be when he became a man,
and I fueled his dreams as to what he'd be...
and of course those plans included me.

Beneath the clear blue Colorado sky
we would strain our ears and glue our eyes
watching for the speck of a small plane
as it traveled its course over our domain.

And we planned the time to be
when he would be the pilot
and the hostess was me.

We would roam the hills and pick choke cherries
and climb the trees to eat hackberries

At grandmas knee we learned to pray
and listened to her sing of the holy way

We herded sheep through rain and snow
and the worst depression we'll ever know

Joyce met Frank as he worked on his car one night
Seeing her blond hair he said,
"come stand by me and I'll need no light."

They fell in love and became sweethearts
but world war two tore them apart.
He joined the merchant marines
and from the country fled
and Joyce married another man instead!

Most of his life she worked in the desert sand
running heavy equipment a hostile land.

In later years, Frank and Joyce again met
and found that the flame was burning yet.

The next five years were the happiest of his life
that he spent with Joyce as his wife.

He would visit me and always say,
"Hi cuz.. how are things your way?"

And he loved to talk of the old ranch place
and all the situations we had to face.

And Joyce got sick for a spell, he said,
"I'm sure praying for her to get well."

A soft spoken man with a heart of gold
he'd give you his shirt off his back if you were cold.

God took him home so suddenly
that we will all miss him tremendously.

But God has a plan for each of us
we may not understand but we must trust.

Frank is in a better place today
since the Lord took him away