80th Birthday Party How To Plan

An 80th birthday party celebration is a memorable occasion in any individual's life, so you'll wish to take added treatment when planning a party that makes sure to be appreciated and also remembered by the guests and also the birthday celebrant.

An 80th birthday party celebration is a memorable occasion in any individual's life, so you'll wish to take added treatment when planning a party that makes sure to be appreciated and also remembered by the guests and also the birthday celebrant.

Right here are a few points to keep in mind when planning an 80th birthday party celebration:

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Exactly how to Plan an Unforgettable 80th Birthday Party

Begin Planning Early for birthday party

Often times the whole friends and family from far away want to attend an 80th birthday celebration event. Even if you're intending a low-key occasion, you'll wish to pick the day for the party well beforehand to ensure that any kind of out-of-town visitors can book flights as well as a book without getting dinged with eleventh-hour costs.

You can send save-the-date announcements if you'd like, or you can informally pass the word via e-mail or phone. Simply make certain to allow everybody called quickly as you can so nobody is omitted or misses the big day!

Set a Budget

How much are you ready to spend? If you're collaborating with someone else, will you share expenses just as?

There are many impressive event ideas that it's simple to obtain carried away and also review the budget. It's an excellent concept to keep an extra $50 or $100 aside for those "simply can not do without" products that you're sure to encounter.

The cost of the celebration can differ from virtually absolutely nothing if you're intending a meal or to do whatever on your own. It can face the thousands if you're having an elegant supper or dancing event.

When budgeting, consider the cost of:

  • Invites
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Designs
  • Enjoyment
  • Place Rental
  • Paper items (plates, napkins, etc).
  • Celebration prefers.
  • Salary as well as suggestions if you're working with servers or performers.
  • You might not have all of these at your event; this list is just a standard of prices you may incur.

Pick a Day.

It's ideal to have the event near the real birth date, however, if visitors are coming from far that might not be practical. A lot of times you'll locate it ideal to work around college holidays to ensure that households with school-age kids can attend.

Type of Party.

What sort of celebration do you wish to prepare? Your choices are limitless (and also you can find much more suggestions in our Event Themes area). Would the important invitee choose a just-family occasion? A shock celebration? An elegant dress-up kind of event?

You'll need to consider the birthday celebration celebrant's physical condition. With any luck, she or he is just one of those hale and hearty 80-year-olds that show no indicator of slowing down! However, if he or she has some physical ailments you'll need to maintain that in mind when arranging the party.

Who to Invite for a birthday party.

If it's not a shock celebration, you'll intend to discuss this with the birthday important invitee. She or he might prefer to have just a household, a smaller sized party with household and friends, or a full-blown bash that everybody she or he has ever before known is welcomed to.

For a landmark occasion like this, you may intend to take into consideration inviting a broader team of individuals than you would certainly for a lot of birthday celebration events. Many people are thrilled to attend an 80th birthday celebration party and also agree to travel fairly some methods to do so.

You might wish to consider welcoming pals from long ago-- an 80th is a wonderful time to recollect and also remember those golden years!

Choose the Place.

Where is the very best area to have the celebration? Some preferred low-priced choices consist of someone's residence, a church conference room, a recreation center, or an outing at the park. If the birthday party celebration celebrant is constrained to an assisted living facility, the facility will surely have a celebration area that you can use.

Extra expensive locations include restaurants, golf or tennis clubhouse, bar, cafeteria, or a hotel boardroom.

Book the location asap; you'll probably intend to have the place set to allow everybody to know the day of the event.

Food and also Drinks.

The type of celebration will frequently determine the food and drink choices. Certainly, if you're hosting it at a bar or restaurant you'll need to utilize their menu.

You may wish to have actually the event catered, or you might make a decision to provide whatever yourself. Often times relatives as well as close friends want to lend a hand as well as bring their unique dish.

In either case, you'll want to have a checklist of what you're offering and also that is accountable for offering it.

Invitations for a birthday party.

Order your invites early, so that you have a chance to evidence them well before they require to go out. You'll additionally avoid last-minute rush charges by doing this!

Attempt to select invites that mirror the motif or colors of the party. For an 80th birthday, I assume picture invitations are a fantastic choice. Search for invitations that will certainly enable you to include 3 or 4 pictures so that you can demonstrate how the birthday celebration male or lady has actually altered through the years!

Invites need to typically be sent out three or four weeks ahead of time.


You can choose whatever color you'd such as for decors (there is not an "official" 80th birthday color). You can select a theme that reflects the important invitee's passions, or you can just pick shades that she or he such as if you're not having a themed event.

Whatever sort of party you pick, think about displaying lots of photos of the important invitee at various points in their life. This is a perfect time to reflect upon and also appreciate a life well-lived, and also both the celebrant and the guests will enjoy a walk down memory lane!


Are you preparing any kind of amusement for the birthday party? You may wish to employ a musician, band, or DJ for the celebration.

You can plan a couple of subtle party games, especially if the visitors do not recognize each other well. Gamings that center around trivia concerning the birthday guest of honor are always prominent!

You might want to make a brief video clip or slideshow of the celebrant's life to show at the event. If you do, make certain to make copies or give a download link for the guests to keep as well as take pleasure in after the event mores than.

Cake for a birthday party.

Begin, it's not a birthday party celebration without cake! And an 80th birthday celebration is worthy of a steal-the-spotlight type of cake. You may wish to spring for a one-of-a-kind cake that reflects the component theme. You can also discover some really remarkable cake suggestions in our Cake Concepts area-- even if you're not a super-skilled cake designer!

Event Favors.

Party preferences are entirely optional; nonetheless, they're a good little extra touch to any celebration. Try to find ones that make a nice souvenir of the celebration. I specifically like ones that include a picture of the birthday celebrant.


Be sure to take loads of pictures at the event! If you can manage a specialist digital photographer, then you must perform. You may be able to discover a secondary school or college student who would be a little reduced expense.

Or else, you might ask a guest or two that appreciates taking pictures to be the designated professional photographers.

Make a Scrapbook.

Since the party's all over with, why not make a scrapbook of the event. I make certain the important invitee would enjoy having a long-term memento of this magnificent occasion!

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